GECA - Grupo Globomedia

Spanish - Chinese translator and Chinese TV market analyst

León University

Spanish - Chinese interpreter for the Confucius Institute of León University´s Opening

V.O. Versión Original Traducciones S.L.

Spanish - Chinese translator

Interpret Solutions. S.L.

Spanish - Chinese telephone interpreter

Court of Soria, Spain.

Spanish - Chinese interpreter

Police Station of Soria

Spanish - Chinese interpreter

Soria Tourist Board

Translation and subtitling of the promotional video "Soria: ni te la imaginas” from Spanish to Chinese.

Valladolid University

Translation and voice-over of the promotional video of Faculty of Translation and Interpreting from Spanish to Chinese

Integra Media Digital S.L.

Translation of “Medievol: The brower game” from Spanish to Chinese

Foundation Mediterranean Diet

Liaison interpreter of English - Spanish during the Conference of Mediterranean Soria, Mediterranean Diet as an intangible cultural heritage